Aims, Ethos and Values

The Leicester Grammar School Trust seeks to be an inspiring centre for co-educational excellence in academic and personal development, within a Christian ethos.

In order to fulfil this mission, the school aims to:​

  • Promote intellectual curiosity and academic excellence.​
  • Provide a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum.​
  • Offer a rich range of co-curricular opportunities which enhance pupils' physical, cultural and personal development.​
  • Equip pupils with the self-belief, consideration and skills required for a principled and fulfilling life.​
  • Create a happy and mutually-supportive community of learners and staff, in which each individual is encouraged and enabled to do and be their best.
  • Care for the mental and emotional well-being of pupils, and be proactive in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.​
  • Welcome pupils of diverse backgrounds and faiths, nurturing their social and spiritual development.​
  • Foster a generous contribution to charity, community service and society.

Our school values are:

Respect: for self, others and our environment; kindness, courtesy, humility, tolerance, care, encouragement  

Trust: honesty, integrity, responsibility, self-discipline  

Courage: determination, resilience, perseverance, commitment, enthusiasm, self-belief, challenge  

Curiosity: independence, initiative, creativity, spark, self-awareness, scholarship  

Community: equality, service, empathy, compassion, collaboration, inclusiveness, selflessness