Homework Grids

At LGJS we want our pupils to develop into well-rounded individuals. It is important that they get time to take part in co-curricular interests, both in and out of school, and they need time to relax and to spend time with family. Homework gives the opportunity for pupils to consolidate what they have been learning in school, and lets them find out more about the topics they most enjoy.

Kinders and Reception

There are activities that we encourage parents and children to work together on at home. These practical activities are designed to support the learning that is happening in school. They include individualised reading and phonic activities at various levels; maths games and are not expected to take longer than 10-15 minutes each evening.

Years 1-6

Homework is split into three strands:

Essentials – reading, spellings and maths facts, along with some more formal homework where appropriate.

Online support – as a school we subscribe to a number of online portals where pupils are encouraged to practice Maths and English.

The Pick and Mix grids – these grids allow pupils to choose a few activities which particularly interest them and spend the term working on them before bringing them in to share with the class.

This term’s grids are available below.