LGJS PE Department Vision

The PE Department are committed to ensuring that ALL pupils of ALL abilities take part in sport and most of all enjoy exercise at LGJS. We believe passionately that every pupil “needs sport in their life”. The holistic approach embodies competition, participation and above all lifelong passion for our subject.


To nurture pupils who understand the importance of exercise, and the positive impact that physical activity has on their physical, social and mental well- being.

Why do we do what we do?

PE teaching as your career comes with an incredible amount of passion, determination and confidence to deliver an outstanding provision for all the pupils we teach. In a one word answer it requires ENERGY. There is an emphasis on being a role model, thus providing pupils with clear pathways and opportunities to succeed. However, success does not just come from results and trophies. Whilst we would all like to be winners, you can 100% have excellence and participation, and this is what we aim to achieve.

We give pupils opportunities in such a diverse curriculum to allow them to follow their own pathway.  A simple example is a pupil may find solace in individual sports such as badminton or golf as opposed to the comradery of team sports.

If we can make a pupil smile, become passionate about what they’re doing, whilst intrinsically knowing the health and social benefits of sport, we are moving in the right direction.

What is our biggest achievement to date & for the future?

To Date:

  • IAPS National Swimming finalists, 7th overall in freestyle U10 girls age group
  • English Schools Swimming Relay National finalists
  • IAPS National Golf qualifying, 2nd overall at U10 age group
  • The creation of a Sports Week programme and reshaping sportsday. Including new sports of high jump and long jump
  • The improved pathway through the PE curriculum from Kinders to Year 6
  • Offering the Morning Mile and Get Go, to increase our healthy lifestyle provision before school
  • Entering IAPS competitions consistently for our region in major and individual sports
  • The change from boys' football to boys’ hockey as one our major sports in the term
  • Offering Cross Country opportunities on site & through external entries to Malvern College & Mallory Park
  • All pupils through Years 5 & 6 represent school in each of our major term sports
  • The creation of our Intra league programme for Years 3 & 4. Competing for an annual trophy, adding match teas & everything that comes with being part of a team environment.
  • To celebrate sport with a separate sports assembly at the end of the year, keeping traditions in values of the school
  • Recognising pupils who demonstrate outstanding commitment to sport outside of school, achieving excellence. They receive a purple pin badge, and an honours board is now being created. Sports include; cycling, table tennis and sailing

The Future:

  • Strive to be competitive across our three major term sports, qualifying for County Festivals & developing a strong fixture programme
  • To build an all-weather Astro Turf on the Junior Field to accommodate two 7 a side pitches of hockey, football & integrated courts for netball. This will revolutionise the move towards individual games afternoons for Years 3-6 & our ability to create an outstanding provision of staff and facilities for our children
  • All pupils will meet, and most will succeed the national curriculum requirements of swimming, 25m of a recognised stroke.
  • 90% of pupils voluntarily take part in Co-Curricular Activities

What do we value?

At Leicester Grammar Junior we value the opportunity to balance all sports, above all enabling pupils to choose their pathway, so that they fulfil a lifelong passion and enjoyment of sport. In short, we value the following.

  • Opportunity (Quality of teaching with a broad curriculum)
  • Co-Curricular Programme (offering that wide variety beyond the classroom)
  • Engagement (pupil voice, through sports captains & focus groups)
  • Performance opportunity (no of fixtures per term and for all abilities)
  • Aspirational pathway (depth of competitive fixtures and festivals)

What are our success criteria?

As pupils graduate from Leicester Grammar Junior, they will be well equipped to make decisions on their sporting journey: Having been given the opportunity to engage in such a broad curriculum.

For our performance pupils they will have gained exposure to the competitive nature of fixtures & festivals, providing them with understanding of team spirit, leadership and a sense of pride to represent the school.

What do we want to be known for?

A school that offers a broad curriculum, giving ALL pupils access to find their passion, enjoyment in a healthy active lifestyle.

In line with this, every child is given the opportunity to succeed through sports, from our intra league programme, to performance teams, which compete in a wide range of fixtures and attend festivals, tournaments.

Leicester Grammar Junior School - Junior PE Staff Profiles (lgs-junior.org.uk)