Sports Week

A sensational week of sport at LGJS, we were so pleased to be able to host our Annual Sports Day this year. The Sports’ Days have been an absolute triumph with happy smiles from the children saying it all. It is certainly true that it is days like these that the children always remember.

Can I say a huge well done to the PE Department, for a great Sports Day. It was a great idea to run it over a day and make it a real event. My children were thoroughly enthused by it. More than ever they were appreciative of the choice element in it all. Not every child is good at, and enjoys all aspects of sport, so it made it feel far less forced. Plus the ability to come and go was a welcome fit with the work day.

Wow - what an amazing sports day you arranged. Thank you so much to all the staff. We really appreciate all the effort you made, making it so seamlessly organised and most importantly such a fun and relaxed day for all the children. It was so lovely to see the children very happy and enjoying themselves.

We just wanted to say a big thank you to you, the PE team and everyone else involved in today’s sports day. It is our first and sadly last at LGJS, but we thoroughly enjoyed it and thought the whole event was fantastic. Our daughter had a great time, and it looked like all the other children had fun too. You even managed to sort out the weather!

Sports day, I can't imagine how much the staff must have worked to organise such a streamlined event — the music, weather and organising it all was just remarkable. I am so glad we have had the past few days because it has made me realise that there is always HOPE for us to get back to what it was as long as we all have a good positive attitude. Last year there was none of this, so I am THANKFUL for all of you to have done so much for the kids. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.