Greenpower Goblin Car Club

 Y6 #STEM club amazing @greenpowertrust electric racing car is hot off the race track. Below our children describe their experience.

We started with lots of pieces and spent two whole terms designing and building the car, which we enjoyed very much! It took a long time, but it was definitely worth it! Our team’s name was the Blue Goblins and the car was given the name The Blue Blur, and it lived up to its name! (Well, if it was charged!) Our amusing numberplate was TH3 J3FF (THE JEFF)! The name blue goblins related to LGJS’ main colour and goblins, as in the goblin kit car. The bodywork was made out of blue corrugated plastic.

A few weeks ago, we travelled to Curborough Sprint Circuit to race our car, along with 50 other teams. It was a very exciting experience with 3 different types of races: The drag race, the sprint and the slalom, halfway through the slalom races Arian won second place and then a while later Danyal came third place for us. Sadly though, both got overtaken by other schools. Bravely, Charlie stepped up to the job for the sprint but sadly didn’t win anything.

Congratulations to William, Tvisha, Eki and Phillip for also participating. We all enjoyed this new club and would recommend it to any student in next year’s Year 6.

All in all, this was the most sensational moment in all of Year 6.

By Will and Arian