Y4 Trip to Stanley Head

 'We arrived back at school on Friday afternoon, some of us were tired, some still felt energetic. It had been an exhausting but exhilarating camping adventure. We had lots of fun activities to challenge and excite us. Crate-stacking left us dangling in the air like a spider from its web and we all enjoyed scrambling up the Challenge Wall with a little help from the others.

Meanwhile, in the forest, the other groups learnt to make fires using fuel, oxygen and a spark from a fire steel. The shelter we built was thoroughly tested by the rain – we all got drenched! Following dinner, orienteering, the climbing wall and night-line activity, it was time to hit the sleeping bags.

The next day, our bouldering expedition on The Roaches tested our skills and courage; this was probably our favourite activity of the trip. Although it rained (and rained), our walk to Ludd’s Church was eerily magical – made even more special along the way by a peek at a nesting owl and its chick!

After another rainy night under canvas, it was a morning of more activities and then the dreaded packing and clearing before saying a sad goodbye to Stanley Head Outdoor Education Centre. We all had fun, (even the teachers), who also did their share of clambering and mud splashing. Thank you to all the grown-ups who organised and joined us on our Stanley Head trip – it was fantastic!'

Y4 Pupils