Science Week 2022

Wow, what an amazing week!

Science week this year has sounded fantastic, from the mellow steel drums on Monday right through to the vibrations of the didgeridoo on Thursday.

The children have had a blast. Every child has had the most fantastic opportunities to learn about different instruments and how they make their varied, and sometimes unusual sounds. Linking the instruments to the science of waves has really enhanced their understanding, and hopefully enjoyment, of the music around them - perhaps we've even inspired the next professional ukulele player or samba star! We've had spoon workshops (apologies for any bent spoons at home), acoustic lessons, samba partying and ukuleles made out of Utterly Butterly tubs, and the joy (!) of hearing the full Harry Potter tune played to me on the didgeridoo has just reiterated how open and enthusiastic our children are when it comes to these new and enriching experiences. I'm sure you will have benefited from your own 'concerts' once they brought them home (sorry!).

Thank you also to those who have sent in the fantastically creative ideas of instruments made out of items that are not instruments - highlights have included a food item drum kit, a carrot recorder, and, my personal favourite, the enthusiastic body sounds duet! Keep them coming.

Thank you as always for your support, and I think for the sake of the ladies in the office next week, our theme will be 'Silence is Golden'!

Mrs Green, Science Teacher