Y3 x Big School Camp

Y3 had an amazing time with @BigSchoolCamp last week, learning valuable life skills while taking on various challenges over two days. It was an outstanding outdoor experience that emphasized respect, resilience, and independence.


It was Y3's first ever school residential, and they spent a night sleeping under the stars in tents on the beautiful school field. The day began at 8:30 am on Thursday, when the children left the playground and headed to the field. The first task was to put up their own tents, which was not as easy as it looks! During the day, they learnt how to light a fire, build huge shelters, cross a grassy 'river' without falling in, and step across a maze avoiding all explosions. All of these experiences focused on developing their teamwork skills. The children ate all their meals in the pavilion and spent the evening drinking hot chocolate and singing silly songs around the campfire. Everyone snuggled down in sleeping bags and slept really well.

The next morning, after breakfast, the children packed their bags and carefully took down their tents, which was a bit tricky in the wind! The rest of the day focused on even more teamwork games, this time working as a whole year group. The children even got a little wet with a water challenge! By home time on Friday, everyone was a little tired, but the children are already looking forward to 2 nights away in Year 4 next year!

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